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Coach (Instructor) Training

Plans are underway for a fully comprehensive training and certification program for LineDanceSport coaches who can demonstrate dance knowledge and coaching skills at various levels of expertise. Until that program is fully operational, there is no training program established specifically for LineDanceSport coaches. However, the technique and styling for LineDanceSport are exactly the same as that used in Ballroom/Latin dancing. Any coach who is licensed or certified to teach a major ballroom syllabus should be able to teach the LineDanceSport syllabus with no additional training.

Major ballroom syllabuses include DVIDA, Imperial Society Teachers of Dancing (ISTD), Arthur Murray, and Fred Astaire. If you are already certified to teach one of those syllabuses, please feel free to begin teaching LineDanceSport as well. If you are not already certified to teach one of those syllabuses, contact any ballroom dance studio that uses a recognized syllabus and ask for information about their own instructor training program.

Athlete (Dancer) Training

To find a LineDanceSport coach in your area, contact a local dance studio that uses any of those syllabuses. If they have not yet heard about LineDanceSport, please direct them to this website for more information.